A new beginning at 35,000 ft.

First of all, the fact that this plane taking me to Barcelona, Spain for my second run at the Mobile World Congress tech show has reliable and completely FREE Wi-Fi continues to blow my mind. I really commend Lufthansa for being pretty remarkable and I hope that this is pretty much always the airline I use for most overseas travel.

They also keep offering alcohol to all of us, free of charge. That’s a treat, in and of itself, but unfortunately I can’t drink – more on that in a future post.

There’s not too much that you can do in a plane when you’re just sitting in an often uncomfortable seat, forced to figure out what to do with your time. Wi-Fi on this flight was a blessing, in that regard, since it allowed me to finally get down to business with my new personal blog. Given my growing image on the internet, due in vast part to my work with Android Authority, it was time for me to create the rather obligatory but also very useful hub for all that I do on the interwebs. Hence, joshuavergara.com. I know, original, right?

For those of you who have known me for at least the past few years, I might sound a bit like a broken record. I’ve had quite a few different ‘new beginnings’ both in my personal life and through my online identities. But while I might not be able to figure out what this beginning will lead to, I am incredibly hopeful for what is to come. And I’m working on getting my inner self ready for it all. That part isn’t easy, to be fair, and that journey is going to have a huge presence on this blog.

Before I hunkered down on getting this blog and post up, I was reading and reconnecting with the Tao, in a number of different interpretations. Taoism my avenue of belief, as its philosophies really resonate with me and I try to really practice it in my daily life. I’ve recently lost sight of how to consistently do this, but here’s why –

A lot has happened in just the last couple months – I guess you can say that my 2014 hasn’t been a particularly spectacular time thus far. Maybe at some point I’ll go into more detail, but here’s a vague gist: everything I’ve been through recently has weighed me down – atop my shoulders, in my livelihood, and perhaps most of all, in my heart.

And that’s why this is a new beginning – because not only am I looking to find myself again, I created this blog for you to join me along the way. I might bear my soul to you, and you will get a glimpse into who I am – outside of all the tech reviews, the drop tests, and whatever other avenues you peer at me through. I hope you enjoy the ride, because for me it’s been a bumpy one as of late. I hope to gradually find smoother terrain to navigate this crazy thing we call life.

The first leg of my journey here will begin after I touchdown in Barcelona, Spain. With Android Authority, I am covering the Mobile World Congress once again and a lot of big announcements are in store for the mobile tech junkies. It is also an incredibly vibrant and diverse setting that I hope will provide me some perspective I’ve been needing.

Remember, the next moment… is only a moment away.


One thought on “A new beginning at 35,000 ft.”

  1. Watching for u r LUCKY BAG talk abt that in last video…
    Mising somewhere..
    1 more addition of blog website to my Bookmark toolbox in mozilla..
    great to see u again joshuavergara
    waitinng for MWC Video shoot

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