The sun is barely coming up back home.

Arriving at Munich airport, I got a little bit of bad news – my boss is stuck in Frankfurt unable to get to his flight because the security in that airport has gone on strike. He might not be able to make it to Barcelona tonight, meaning I will have to find my own way to the hotel for the night. Not that big a deal, really – I just prefer not to tackle non-English situations alone. Thankfully there are things like Google Translate and smartphones to help with all that.

Speaking of smartphones, getting onto a full T-Mobile plan just days before this trip turned out to be a great plan. Upon my arrival here I turned on my trusty Nexus 5 and was immediately connected to the global T-Mobile network. Yup, that means I have unlimited data (which they said would be very slow but it really isn’t that bad at all, thus far) and unlimited texting back to the US. Too bad everyone is still asleep right now.

I thought about something while walking around the terminals looking for a place to exchange my American money (haha, “your dollars mean NOTHING here!”) – my Klean Kanteen full of Starbucks iced green tea came along for the long flight. As I finished it, I thought,

Good Lord, I’m drinking green tea here in Munich, Germany… and it originated over 6000 miles away in LA!

It’s the small things you can easily get astonished by when it comes to travel. The nice thing is that I still have these thoughts even as a somewhat seasoned traveler.

My reconnection to my Taoist philosophies actually took up a fair amount of the flight over here. Being reminded of the right practices and thought processes I have lost sight of as of late really helped. For the curious, I’m currently reading The Tao of Daily Life by Derek Lin, whose translation of the Tao te Ching was one of the first I read. I will definitely continue revisiting the book often, along with the others I’ve already gone through before.

Sai Ong loses horse. Who knows if it isn’t a blessing?


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