Am I only going to be able to blog when I’m up in the air?

This time around I’m coming from New York, where I covered the launch of the new HTC One. It’s a hell of a phone from a design persepective, but you can always see my thoughts on my work at Android Authority anyway. I’m trying to keep things fairly separate with my personal blog, anyway.

And I know, there are still a couple of vlogs to catch up on, as well as stories from my trip to Beijing that just happened a couple days before this trip. Those are coming, but expect non-sequential posts as the next four weeks are going to be hell – I have basically four new big releases to cover so that will be taking up all of my time.

But first, stories from today. I battle the Soup Nazi and TSA be damned again. Click to read on.

So my checkout from my hotel, which might not have been a great hotel but it got the job done, was at noon, giving me about a five hour window until it was time to go. One really clutch move on my bosses’ part was, though they probably didn’t realize it, putting me near Hell’s Kitchen. Though rather crudely named, it’s basically an area where you can be sure good food isn’t far away. And that’s exactly what I set out to find. Enter Soupman.

new york city-20140326-001

The hole-in-the-wall, pickup-only soup vendor is the same one that inspired the character of the Soup Nazi in the show Seinfeld. You know the one – “NO SOUP FOR YOU!” Well, the inspiration was not unfounded, as the person working at the cashier’s spot only really said what he needed to say – ‘what do you want,’ the price of said items, and not even a ‘have a nice day’ as he snappily takes your cash and gives you change. To be fair, I saw the guy smile while he was making soup at one point, so perhaps it’s just a facade of sorts.

new york city-20140326-002

But the soup. The. Soup. Oh man. Lobster bisque was my choice and I couldn’t help myself but get a lobster roll – that’s lobster meat, some lettuce, and some mayo all put into a soft butter roll – on the side. Good lord, was this meal good. Quite a bit of what I consumed isn’t good for my health condition but I figured one indulgence to cap off what was a nice couple days in NYC and to reward myself for all of my hard work during said days was justified. Take it from me – this might have been the best soup I’ve ever had. And as many of my friends know, I’m a huge fan of butter – that lobster roll was just rife with buttery goodness.

new york city-20140326-009 new york city-20140326-013

Damn I’m getting hungry again. Let’s move on to the other story.

With a lot of time left before my flight, I thought it would be good to get to the airport and finish some work before taking off. But despite my best efforts, the TSA made sure that wouldn’t happen. Standing on the upper floor of JFK Airport, the line for the security check point was rather long and I was at the end. One of the attendants approached me and gave me a card, one that I was supposed to give to the person at the front of the line, so that they can get an idea of how long it takes to do their jobs.

Only they didn’t really do their jobs. 2:30. Half an hour goes by and I’ve moved maybe ten people forward. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any faster. 3:15. We start moving… but back out to the entrance? The attendants start to tell us that our line was taking too long and they were going to send us to the checkpoint in the lower level, opened up just for us. We walk for about 12 minutes to the lower level, only to find that it is filled with people. Lovely.

Needless to say, everyone was upset. A few people were vocal and sighs of exasperation were common. Needless to say, I didn’t get to my gate with enough time to do work. My zone was already boarding when I got there. Bummer.

But wait – how am I doing this blog post if I couldn’t do any work? That’s right, good effort doesn’t always go to waste. Look down the seat and find… a plug! Yay. Got my two videos edited and now here I am with a couple hours left in the flight, finishing this blog post.

I love NYC, but I can’t wait for the LA weather again. I might be made for a big city like New York City, but my skin isn’t made for the cold it brings. I’ll be back though, sooner than I hope.

And after getting home… realize that the TSA opened up my bag to inspect it. TSA be damned.


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