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To remember what was, again at 35000 ft.

This time around there isn’t a free WiFi connection on the flight back home, but with the movies available for viewing, I have been well distracted. At the point of writing this, with three hours left in the flight time, I have my Evernote app open to get some of the writing done.

As a quick aside, the live action Rurouni Kenshin adaptation is actually quite good. It remained pretty faithful to the anime and did well to evoke the same emotions I originally had when I first watched the show. Right down to the sappy love the characters might express to one another to the emergence of my favorite characters. While I can’t help but wonder what this movie would have been like with a high age rating, I can understand the desire to make a movie that wasn’t ultra violent for kids but still pushed the boundaries a little bit for the original fans.

It’s been days since the last post but it wasn’t for want of information or recaps. The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona went off with a bang, with a lot of mobile announcements made even just a day before the actual conference started. This much is expected during tech trade shows these days, so for people like me who work in the online press, we know about products before the general public. It’s a nice part of the job, really, but what I like most about the way it goes is being able to get the work done as early as possible. Sometimes that isn’t the case, but when it is there, it’s like a blessing.

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